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The Midland Neuroscience Teaching and Research Fund is a charity with a mission to enable transformative neuroscience that makes a difference for patients.

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“I suddenly started to experience significant headaches, trouble seeing in the dark, or on wet roads when driving and constant ringing in one ear! This was scary enough!! Then to be told that this was all being caused by an increase in my intracranial pressure, without a known or detectable cause was mind numbing to understand and get your head around. However, the team at Queen Elizabeth Hospital worked with me and encouraged the engagement in clinical trials to help the Consultants to understand the impact of treatment, but more importantly, to help them understand more about the disease and probably causes, so that they could start to develop preventative treatment in others. The approach to understanding my issues and how to resolve them has been leading edge and couldn’t have occurred without the research at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which was partly funded by MNTRF. I am now back at work and living life to the full in a way I couldn’t have envisaged a few years ago. I would like to thank them for never giving up on me and always looking beyond the horizon to find the answers.”

An IIH patient treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2020

Achieving our mission

Thanks to your donations we are able to identify and fund important research into a variety of unsolved problems associated with diseases of the nervous system.

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You may wish to make a one off or regular donation or leave money left as part of a legacy. How ever you donate, your contribution will change the future of neuroscience research and teaching.

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Research case studies

Developing New Experimental Models for Headache Research

“Headache is the second most disabling disorder in the world and amongst the most prevalent; however development of therapeutics is hampered by a lack of mechanistic knowledge. My project addresses a significant gap in knowledge plus aims to provide an efficient and translational model for headache research”.

Olivia Grech, PhD student researcher University of Birmingham

Using Diet to Help Muscle Wasting of the Spine in Children

“Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a childhood disease which leads to the death of nerve cells and muscle. Our goal is to develop an accessible diet that can be used to treat SMA patients. Ultimately this research will support the SMA community in the development and establishment of nutritional guidelines and management that will contribute to increased quality of life for patients.”

Prof Gareth Lavery, Investigator University of Birmingham

Exploring Vitamin B3 in the Treatment of Patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

“Neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s (PD) and Alzheimer’s (AD) disease are difficult to treat. There has been a growing body of evidence showing that Vitamin B3 may be of benefit to patients with these conditions. This project will advance our knowledge of the role of NAD(H) and vitamin B3 in neurodegeneration and illuminate the metabolic changes which occur in patients. The results will provide data for a larger study to define pathological biomarkers of disease progression and severity, and will design novel strategies to reduce and delay disease burden using inexpensive nutrient based therapies”.

Dr Lisa Hill, Researcher University of Birmingham

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